Birthday Weekend

Oh my oh my another year older… I loved how I woke up and my Mom comes to congratulate me and what does she say, “soon you’re gonna be 30”. I had to laugh so much, thanks Mom, I did only turn 24
plenty of time till the big Three Zero hits. First I want to have the first quarter yearhundred full ^^.
When I got up and walked into the Kitchen, I found a really nice set table with presents from my Family. I love how my Mom does this to every Birthday. My Dad and Brother where up to, too congratulate. This Birthday started of really nicely.


After that it was time for School. Friday was the last day of School until March and my Classmates requested some Birthday Cheesecake. Well of course I couldn’t resist to make one.
So here we go, Chocolate Crust – Cheesecake with homemade Caramel Sauce. They basically inhaled this thing. My one Classmate managed to eat all the pieces that the other ones didn’t want which ended in a total of 7 Pieces that he finished up. I loved it ^^


The afternoon continued with a big Birthday Celebration with my Family, Grandma, Aunts, Uncles and Friends. This was the Coffee Table with a Crustless New York Style Cheesecake that I made, a Cherry and Blackberry Streuselkuchen that my Grandma had made and some quick Red Velvet cake with a Joghurt-Creamcheese-Icing ( Front to Back).


Here is a closeup of this delicious Streuselkuchen.


For Dinner we made some Mountain Meatballs that are stuffed with Cheese and had been simmered on the stove for about 3 hours as well as some Onion-Pork which is baked in the Oven and is really tender and just delicious. The iPhone pictures really don’t show half off the goodness.



and here are just some other Impressions from my Birthday weekend. I really had to laugh about the Sticker on my Banana on Saturday. It still makes me chuckle.



On a beautiful Winter Walk.


So last night we finished off this beautiful Birthday Weekend with a visit to the Theater, and no I don’t mean the Movie Theater. We saw the Play “Purpurstaub” by Sean O’Casey. It was a Dramatic and funny Comedy. If it every comes around to be playing in your area, I can only recommend to go see it.


This was my little Birthday Recap in Instagramm pictures. BTW if you want to follow me, look for Chrissy4Cupcake – thats my Instagramm and Twitter Name.
Now it is time to start working. I will be posting the recipes later tonight.

Love, Chrissy


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