Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas just like I did.

We truly had a Merry Christmas this year. Traditionally in Germany, we give our presents on the evening of the 24th. So the 24th is a Half Holiday, which means every store closes around Lunchtime so everyone can spend quality time with their Family.

Usually we eat a small Christmas Lunch at my Grandmas which is “Linsensuppe” a thick Lentil Soup with Bacon. After that its time to relax a bit and then it is “Santa Time”. My Dad dresses up as “Weihnachtsmann” the German Santa Claus. He puts on his big fluffy Boots, we make his Beard a little whiter with some White Hairspray that is usually used for Carnival and then some Rouge to make his cheeks extra red. Then he goes out to the Houses that asked him to come, with his Golden Book where all the names of the Naughty and Nice Kids are written in. So you better be good or you’re gonna go on the Naughty List. While he walks through the streets of our little Village he always has his Bell thats ringing so all the Kids know he is coming, and if he meets them on the street he always has some Candycanes to give to them. There are still a lot of little boys and girls that believe the Weihnachtsmann actually exists just because of my Dad and I love that. He always gets excited to do it every Year and plus for me, I can say I am truly Santas Daughter ^^.


So while He is doing that we already prepare for the Christmas Dinner and exchanging gifts.
For my Family that means we either meet at our Grandmas House or at our House. This time it was my Grandmas House again.

We didnt go with the big presents this year. We said we wouldn’t give present to each other only for our Grandma. So we got her a pretty Pink Laptop case for her New Laptop that she just got this year and at our last Family Reunion I took pictures of the old pictures my Aunt had, where all of my Grandmas Family was on. Took that into Lightroom, enhanced it, reworked it a little more in Photoshop and printed it out in a big frame. She really loved that one. I did add the names of all the People on the Picture so we would know in years to come.


In case you are wondering, my Grandma is in the bottom row, the little girl with the big bow and the short dress. And most of her 12 Siblings are in the picture too.

First I didnt have the Christmas Spirit at all this year, it didn’t feel like Christmas but this Night just made it really a great Christmas.
Oh and lets not forget the 25th and the 26th, the First and Second Christmas Holiday, where we ate sooo much I feel like only eating Salad for the next week.

I hope you all had a very enjoyable Christmas and a cheerful time with your Family.

Always Remember, it is not about the size of the presents or the value, it’s about the Joy that you give and the time you spend with you loved ones!

Hugs and Kisses and a Happy New Year


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