Emi’s Schuleinführung

ChrissyCupcake - Emi's First Day of School

About two Weeks ago my Little Cousin had her first day of school.
In Germany School usually starts with 1th Grade, when you are 6 years old. Before that you go to Kindergarten and play and have fun being a kid. In my Kindergarten we had a “Zuckertutenbaum” which is a tree with Cones that are filled with sweets, to make the going to school “sweeter” for the kids.
Zuckertuetenbaum from Google It looked something like this, just cuter and our Kindergardeners where awesome, they changed the Zuckertueten from small to bigger ones about 3 times, so we kids thought that they are really growing. Then on our very last day of Kindergarten, we all got to “harvest” them.

It was so much fun and this tradition still holds up to this day and when I have children, no matter if they grow up in the US or in Germany, I am gonna do this amazing tradition for them too.
Since Emi is the biggest of 4 siblings, her Mum asked me to bake a cake and of course I gladly accepted.
Emi is such a sweet and caring big sister. She loves everything pink, so I tried to incorporate that.

So here is how it all began.
I started with a delicious White Chocolate Mud Pie. Divided it in 4 batches and colored it in different shaded of pink. Then I divided each Color onto two pans, a smaller (20cm radius) and a bigger (28cm radius) one, and baked them until they where nice on the outside.


Don’t get fooled by the color, I took this pic with my Iphone and it looks rather dark but really isn’t.
There is a good trick to getting the cakes pretty level. Cool them in the pan for about 10min, then turn the cake upside down on a piece of parchment paper and let them cool upside down. It makes the Cakes oh so level and you hardly have to cut any of the tops off.

I put some little flags in with numbers, so I remember which of the colors is which.

Then I started assembling. I used this awesome upside down technique that I saw on the Internet the other day but unfortunately can’t find the link anymore. It is rather easy and so cool to get really smooth sides. You start on your turntable, put a piece of parchment paper on and then a big dab of your frosting. Smooth it out a little bigger than the size of your cake, then add your cake, smoothest side down. Continue stacking and icing until you have all your layers assembled. BUT DO NOT ice the very top of your cake, because youre gonna turn it upside down after it has been chilled in the fridge for a while. Its gonna look something like this.


I decided to assemble, chill and then frost the outside and chill again. When I was done with that, I took the cake out of the fridge, made a lot of space and turned it upside down. I was so scared it might fall apart but it really was nothing to worry about. I removed the parchment paper that was still on top and had this smooth, very even top. Just amazing. With a palette knife dipped in hot water I smoothed out the edge a little.

After that I repeated this whole procedure with the creamy Ganache.
This is how its gonna look when its all done.


Finally I covered it i Fondant and made some nice little decorations. I am a little upset about my Figurine because I just couldn’t get her right, but Emi still loved her.

ChrissyCupcake // Emi Figurine

and this is the final result.

ChrissyCupcake // First Day of School

And finally you can see all the delicious pink layers.

Pink Deliciousness // ChrissyCupcake

Pink Layers // ChrissyCupcake

Cake // ChrissyCupcake

What are your memories of becoming a School Boy or Girl???

XoXo Chrissy


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