Burgers a la Teddlinskers

As a kid you grow up and call your Dad, Dad or Daddy or in Germany Papa or Vater. Well in my family pretty much everyone has a nickname. So for me, my Dad was always just Teddl. Cause he reminds me of a big cuddly teddybear. With his beard and his big belly ^^. So there are a couple variations to his nickname, from teddl to teddy to teddlinskers, I love them all equally. Well I am a Daddy’s Girl after all and I couldn’t live without him, even though we fight just as much as we laugh with each other. No actually when I think about it, we laugh waaaay more than we fight.

So there is this almost kind of tradition of my Dad making Burgers on Sunday Night. Of course here in Germany we don’t usually eat them on a burger bun topped with condiments, no we eat them with Potatoes, Spaghetti or Rice, on a slice of bread, or just by themselves with a healty heaping of good “Bautzner” Mustard.
Now my Dad truly is the master of Burger making, no matter of on a grill or in the pan, he makes them in all kinds of different variations, but today really was something new.

He made awesome Cucumber, Pepper and Feta Burgers aka Burgers a la Teddlinskers.

Delicious Feta, Cucumber and Pepper Burgers.

The Ingredients are rather simple.

>> 2 lbs Ground Meat (we use pork)
>> Salt, Pepper,
>> Garlic Powder
>> 1 big Onion
>> 1 Red Bell Pepper
>> 1 European Garden Cucumber
>> 1/2 Block of Feta

Cut the Veggies and Feta in nice bitesize pieces.
Put the Ground Pork in a Bowl, add the veggies, mix it all up. Season to taste (at this stage it is really up to your liking, you can add some mustard or paprika, you can add an egg and some old soaked bread, there are so many options that all are gonna make it equally delicious).

Meat Veggie Mix

If you’re done with that, heat up a nice big skillet, preferable NonStick,
with about a tablespoon of Olive or Sunflower Oil.

Delicious formed burgers

Form your MeatMix in some nice round Burgers, throw in the skillet and fry until they are nice and evenly cooked with a brown crunchy outside.



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