Back up and almost running

It’s nearly 2 months ago since I had surgery again.
Despite the failures and terrible aftermath of that last 3 surgeries this 4th one actually went really well.

I was only 3 days on ICU and after about 14 days I could leave the Hospital and go home. During surgery the removed most of my stomach as well as my gallbladder, unstuck all my glued together organs and fixed the old ugly scar by cutting out most of it so that my skin can grow together completely new.

So far this worked fantastic.
Even the pain was duable this time.
There were complications again but everything went fine in the end so I don’t even want to think about those anymore.

The positive results are way overhand this time. I can finally take a deep breath again. This may sound normal to you, but the last two years I was not able to breath right. Walking up steps, I sounded like a huffin and puffin train. But now I can actually go up the steps without breathing so heavily.

I’m happy so happy about that.

I even cooked and baked again but I just didn’t have the time or passion to take decent pictures and write out the recipes. It was all about a little comfort for me.

Worst part so far is the adjusting and the pills I have to take now.
I have a stomach left that can fit between 100 to 150 grams. That’s not even a handful of food. If I only eat one spoon to much, everything is gonna come back out the way it got in…

But I have first results too. All together I lost about 25kg which is a little over 50 pounds an it’s slowly going down further. I sometimes don’t see it on the scale but I can feel it on all my clothes getting to big ^^ It’s a good feeling !!

Hugs to you all.


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