Finding the right Theme

Lately I’ve been going through Blog Themes like a bar of chocolate. I just can’t decide which is the right fit for me.
I want to showcase my Pictures (even though I still need to learn alot about taking food related ones) but on the other hand I want a simple, clean layout.
It is soo hard. I wish I would have time to finally get around to finishing my website and finding a good provider to upload it.
How did you decide on a layout?
Goodness there are so many choices. I think I’m probably gonna change around a little more until I am really happy.
So far the one I liked best was the “Chunk” Theme but the huge whitespace on top botherd me.
My mind is everywhere today. My shoulder is bothering me again…. my boss is not paying me… its snowing. Sooo much on my mind.
I wish there would be a switch that you can just turn and everything is “Happy go Lucky”… but well that would be to easy.
and when I think about that in 2 Days is my Birthday already…I don’t even wanna celebrate it. One year older….
One more year with a feeling I have achieved nothing in my life so far.

Well…. I gotta keep my head up and look forward. I am still alive and that’s the most important part.


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