Chocolate Vanilla Chocolate Cake – Goodbye Dr.Dr. Wolf Cake

What a sad sad day. This Thursday one of the best teachers on my school retired. We only had him for about 1 1/2 years but he is one of those teachers, you just need to listen and you understand everything right away. He taught Computer Science and Engineering. We learned all about designing a Website, about Server, XML and all that kinda stuff. He was one of those teachers you’re always gonna remember. But after 40 years of getting stressed out by us annoying students, he went into his well deserved Retirement. He is gonna be missed and we are all kinda anxious to see who is gonna be our replacement for him. That Teacher sure is gonna have a darn hard time with us.

So Wednesday was our very last lesson with him, but we knew we would see him one more time the next day since he went on a Excursion with us to Jena. Jena is probably best known for ZEISS. The Optical Lens Manufacturer. Lenses of them are for example in the Hubble Telescope. Well I am getting off topic here ^^
So anyways he went to the Optical Museum and the Planetarium with us. One of my classmates works at the Planetarium so we got to see an extra show and had time to really say goodbye to him. He was very touched especially about our cake.

That Cake…. The decision to make one fell at about 3pm Wednesday afternoon, which means I had about 12 Hours to finish this whole thing. It took me until about 11pm and I was quite happy how it turned out for being such a short notice cake.

<img src="” width=”352″ height=”500″ alt=”Happy-Caking-057″>

To make things easy I decided to go with a Cake Mix. I choose Most Surpreme Vanilla Cake with Pudding in the Mix from Pillsbury. To add a little fancy to the simple I mixed the batter according to directions and then split it in 1/3 and 2/3. To the leftover 1/3 I added one more egg, 2TBS Oil, amd about half a cup of flour to make a sweet Chocolate layer.


This looks delicious by itself. Especially right out of the oven. Let it cool on a cooling rack.


In the next picture is the second half of my split Vanilla Cake layer. But what I really want to show you is the thing it sits on. It’s a cake divider.
You put it around the cake just like you would with a cake ring but it has an opening every centimeter that you can cut into with the sharp knife it comes with to split your cake in 8 even layers. I used the Wilton Cake Divider thing before but my cakes would always come out uneven. This thing though makes live and cake dividing so much easier.
I am trying to add a link but somehow it is not working. Don’t know why. Just google “ZENKER KUCHENSCHNEIDHILFE” at Amazon.
Love it.

To make the cake less plain I added a layer of Homemade Wildberry Jam to it.

and on top of that, a layer of Vanilla Pie Filling.

Do this with all the layers. Cake – Berry Jam – Pie Filling.

and then start assembling. I had 3 layers so I started with a Vanilla Cake Layer, then a Chocolat Layer and then another Vanilla Cake layer.
On the very top layer, do not add the pudding. Just leave the berry jam layer.

When you are done with this your very top should be berry jam !!!!

Next take some yummy milk chocolate

Put in a double boiler and melt until its nice and shiny. Make sure the water underneath never boils or it will ruin your chocolat.

Take a deep baking sheet and line with parchment paper. Put a cooling rack on top and put your layered cake on top of that.

take your melted chocolate and let run smoothly across the whole cake. Help spreading it with a spatula, careful to get chocolat all over the top and sides.


After this was done, I let it sit to cool in a cold room until the chocolate is solid again.

While everything was cooling down. I started to make the little decorations for the top of the cake.
A Table made out of a chocolate bar turned upside down with cookie wafer sticks cut in half and attached with a little melted chocolate as tablelegs.
A computerscreen, keyboard, mouse and diploma made out of Fondant added with CMC and white fondant tiles that I painted Black to make a checkerboard look.








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