My Grandma has this bakingbook since I am really small. From time to time I would steal it and take it home with me to look at it. I just loved this book.
Big glossy pictures, amazing recipes. One picture and recipe amazed me the most of all of them, the Croquembouche recipe.


Croquembouche (french for “Croque en bouche = crunch in the mouth”)is a big tower made of cream puffs that are dipped in Caramel and stacked as high as you can go.
It looks absolutely spectacular and it always amazed me but I never even thought about trying this, since it looked so complicated. Let me tell you right now, it is the easiest thing in the world and your guest will think it took you hours in the kitchen.
There are 2 ways to do it. The easy “I’m gonna do it semi-homemade” way or the “I’m gonna do it all by myself” completely homemade -way.

I choose Way Nr. 1 since I didn’t have a whole lot of time when I tried this.

What you need:

as many Cream Puffs as you want. The more the higher the tower, the fancier it looks
1 Cup Brown Sugar
1 TS Water
1 ready made Piecrust

How to do it

1. Bake the Pie Crust according to directions, but cut off the side so you just have the flat bottom part.

Take a good nonstick pan, add the brown sugar and and the tablespoon of water.
Heat over medium heat and constantly stir until the sugar is dissolved and get a rich golden color.
If you want a richer nuttier, caramel flavour, keep the sugar over the heat until it gets a deep dark brown.
Make sure not to burn it and especially not to burn yourself.


3. Take the flat pie crust and spoon caramel on top of it. Start stacking the cream puffs, start from the middle outwards until the whole bottom is covered. Make sure the creampuffs are all sitting in a little bit of caramel to make the tower stable.


4. For the second level take one cream puff at a time and dip in the caramel, careful not to burn your fingers (the caramel is still freakishly hot) and stack on top of your first level.

5. Continue until all of your creampuffs are gone.

6. When you are at your very top level. Take a fork and pull the rest of the caramel out of your pan or pot and over the top of your Croquembouche, making it look like a spiderweb. By that time it should easily be pulled in long strings with your fork.

Voilá you just made your very first Croquembouche!




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