My newest acquisitions =)

This weekend my tiny village had a whole weekend festival with a Flea market and concert on Saturday and bakesale and concert on Sunday all to save our church. Everyone could bring stuff they don’t need anymore and it would be sold at the flea market and the revenue from the whole weekend would all go towards the church. Right now we have about 50000 Euro but we need another 233000Euro to buy a new Bell and restore the rest of our beautiful little church. It’s the oldest church in all of Thuringia.

Since I am in the Woman’s Society I helped organizing and when there was a little time left I went to look around the flea market. There I saw this absolutely gorgeous old market scale which I really really loved at first sight. I thought its gonna be much to expensive for me so I didn’t even bother asking. I just bought a cute little Polka dotted Teapot and a fitting polka dot milk can.



Since they hadn’t sold everything on Saturday they decided to make it a Bakesale / Flea Market on Sunday.

I was one of the ones responsible for the BakeSale. It was great, we had about 16 sheetcakes with about 25 slices each and we sold out completely. We made nice little plates with 6 slices of different cake on each.

After all of this there was time for me to take one more look around the fleamarket and there she was… still sitting there, the big huge market scale. I just knew that moment I really had to have it, so I went over and asked how much it would be.

The guy looks at me, and says “how much would you give?” I didnt really expect that questions and since I wasn’t carrying anymore then 10 €uro and about 30Dollars with me I said “how about 10 €uro!?” He goes “Allright we got a deal”. Omg you can not believe how excited I was. I was about to make a happy dance when I decided I rather do not do this =)

Anyways, I am now the proud owner of a 1946 fully functioning Market Scale. Yeahhh.


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