Back after 3 Months of being in the Hospital

I was so very excited to get the Gastric Band Surgery. Everything went well for about a week, until I got the worst and all possible complications. I`m still not all well and I`m still in pain for most but at least I`m back home.

In all I had 3 Operations as well as a blood transfusion twice. It is a great feeling to wake up and hear from the Doctors that you allmost died. This was especially hard on my Mum since I was on Intensiv Care for over 5 weeks and didn’t really realise all the things that were happening around me.

I’m still in a pretty bad shape but I am so happy to be home and I even had the wish of baking some delicious pumpkin pie, which I did for Christmas.

More about the Pie in my next post.



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