Introduction… all over again

I have the feeling I basically messed up my very first Blog post, so I’m just gonna start all over again.

Hi everyone, my name is Chrissy, Chrissy Cupcake.

I’m a 21 year old German native, who currently lives back in Germany after living two years in the U.S. of A. I lived in Fairfax, VA very close to Washington D.C. for most of my time over there.I miss every minute of beeing there and I say that when I just got back from a 5 Week trip this last Wednesday. It is strange not beeing where your heart wants to be but I’m sure most people know this feeling or get to know that feeling in some point in there lives.

I know I should Germany cause it is the Country I grew up in, I fell in love for the first time, but there is so many things that made my life terrible. You know there is always this one person in school everyone is hating on? You hate him/her just because everybody else does!? You know what I mean. I was this person in all the schools I went to. I was fat and not that good looking so I was the designated one everyone could treat badly. When I would walk through the halls I would be called “refrigerator” and that’s one of the nicer words. It made me not wanting to go to School at all. I was scared and I would walk different, longer ways just to avoid certain people. But all of this is History now.

The two years in the USA changed my life and changed my personality so much, I couldn’t have asked for anything better happening to me.  I’m confident, I don’t try to hide every place I go. And this coming Tuesday is going to happen the biggest change of all and the reason why I started this blog. I’m going to have surgery to get a gastric band. I’m sooo excited. Weird saying I’m excited for a surgery but this is going to be such a huge change in my life and I am just soo happy about it.

“Perfer et obdura; dolor hic tibi proderit olim”

“Be patient and tough; someday this pain will be useful to you,”

This saying mean so much to me and I just read it a couple days ago in a Book but it has so much power and truth in it, I know this is going to help me on my hard way to become thin and healthy and still enjoying food as much as I do now.

I always loved to cook and bake and my passion grew even larger when I saw all those amazing cake decorators like Buddy Valastro from Cake Boss or all the people on WEtv’s Amazing Wedding Cakes Show. I wanted to know how to work with Fondant and Buttercream an all that kind of stuff so I looked into where I could take classes. I ended up doing all the Wilton Cake Decorating Classes at the local Michaels Store as well as teaching myself with Online Courses and Videos.

I’m going to tell you much more about myself, during my long way of finding myself and finding my way into my new life.

Love, Life, Cupcakes and Weight Loss … that’s what it’s all about.


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