Almost first day into my new life…

I guess I should start here with introducing myself,

My name is Chrissy, Chrissy Cupcake. Of course that’s not my real name, even though I wish it would be. I’m 21 years old. From April 2008 until February and actually most of 2010 up until very very recently I lived in the USA. To be exact in Fairfax, VA, very close to Washington D.C.

I loved living there and I miss every second of it, even though I just got back to Germany this Tuesday morning. I grew up in Germany, but to be honest, I never really liked it here. I grew up in a very small rural area, in a tiny village, where everyone knew everyone, knew more about you then yourself and of course talked about you just because you look different. And here we come to why I started this Blog, I was always the fat child, you know the designated one everyone hated one. I got bullied most, no actually all of my life and going to the US was the first time I could feel free and didn’t feel like I had to hide every second I went somewhere.

Now I’m back to the place where everything begun. I don’t feel like going out, I’m afraid I’m going to see the people that made me feel like a piece of shit all my life, I’m afraid I’m going to run into people that make me feel small even though I should be proud of the person that I am. I made myself to be a person that can stand up for herself, that helps and cares about others and puts them first, but thinking about all the words they threw on my head, the things they threw at me, I still feel small, I feel like I’m not worth living.

But I wander of the topic, you’re gonna go get to know me much better, the more I’m gonna write here.

I started this Blog to talk about how I am starting my new life. How I’m going to change to be strong, getting out of the vicious cycle of eating when you are sad, eating when you got bullied and making yourself just worse.

Next Tuesday, I’m going to get surgery, I’m going to get a Gastric Band. I’m very excited. This is going to change my life and it’s going to change how I will eat, but it won’t change my love to everything Cake and especially Cupcake.

It’s time to go to bed now. I’ll be back soon.

Chrissy Cupcake

Ps.: Do the Poll =)


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